The Gordian team offers access to a wide range of core and specialized money managers. We provide more options, so you have investment solutions that span the entire risk-reward continuum. We believe in building core portfolios that provide “all-weather” exposure to multiple asset classes in a liquid, tax efficient and cost effective manner. Every family is different, yet every family wants to protect what they have. Only through active communication and thoughtful portfolio modeling can we determine the most compelling asset mix for your family’s needs.


The Gordian team offers a truly open architecture platform. For clients, the benefit is that we have access to the full universe of investment managers and the best of breed, specialized financial services professionals.

Equally as important, we’re focused on advice and solutions, not selling brokerage products or driven by trading commissions. We’re committed to your long-term financial objectives, enhancing your portfolio, reducing risk, and properly managing fees. At Gordian, we want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for.


At Gordian, we have a dedicated investment team to evaluate and model traditional and alternative investments. We work to provide deep operational due diligence expertise that allows us to make effective and safe decisions about your portfolio. In addition, we use institutional level financial services such as Black Diamond for customized financial reporting and FactSet for investment research. FactSet’s sophisticated asset allocation and Monte Carlo models help Gordian create optimal client solutions.


We help clients with investment portfolios, cash management, estate, tax, and philanthropic planning all customized and personalized for you and your family. We offer a consolidated performance reporting tool through our software solution called, “The Knot” which aggregates allof your assets into one clear picture. A daily, comprehensive look at your assets is critical to be in touch with your financial situation and making the best investment decisions possible.