Gordian simplifies the complexity that wealth creators experience.

We offer wealth management services to families without the conflicts and red tape of banks. Our focus is to offer you an independent, objective point of view with a disciplined approach. We will build for you a unique investment portfolio and strategy driven by our diversified bench of institutional investors with over a combined 80 years of experience. We like to develop a great plan to help good people achieve and realize their long-term financial goals. We offer institutional strategies for families with concentrated stock positions, multiple business entities, a wide range of assets or whose situation requires simplifying the complex. We take pride in helping clients navigate the complex financial markets and improve your portfolio while reducing risk. We will simplify your financial complex to help you focus on the things in life the matter most to you.

We bring you the shared experience of sophisticated investors and other wealth creators to provide access to the best investment ideas. Your trust and personal relationship with us is a privilege and we promise to work tirelessly to serve you and your needs. We are active listeners who work with wealth creators like yourself who require the same inspired thinking and commitment from their advisors as they demand from themselves.

Let us show you how we can accelerate your goals.