Frequently Asked

Who should I choose for a financial advisor? Where should I place my hard earned cash?

Today, there are a large number of sophisticated choices for you to make when selecting your financial advisor. There are many types of firms where you can invest. Typically, most investors choose either 1) a traditional bank, 2) a national or regional wirehouse (a full service brokerage like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, UBS, and Wells Fargo), 3) or a registered investment advisor (RIA).

In general, traditional banks offer less sophisticated investments to high net worth individuals. The wirehouses have a global product offering, but often times the brokers have limited autonomy to help their clients. In addition, wirehouses have additional fees and commissions and generate additional profits by selling their own bank-specific products to clients.

For us at Gordian, we believe the RIA structure is best for our boutique investment firm. We are a multifamily office that serves clients the way we know is best. We're lined up to do exactly what our clients want and customize services and investments to their personal needs.

What's an independent Registered Investment Advisor?

RIAs are regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). An RIA offers investment advice for a fee and is not paid on the sale of purchase of securities. What makes an RIA unique from a traditional bank is that all client assets are overseen and managed by the financial advisor but are held at a third-party custodian.

Gordian Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Where will my investments be held? Is it safe?

We use the Charles Schwab Corporation as a third-party custodian for your assets.

Schwab serves as custodian to 2.1 million client accounts and holds $708 billion in assets managed by other investment advisors. Our clients assets are held at Schwab, which is a separate entity (with a $38 billion market capitalization) that is removed from Gordian, and adds a natural system of checks and balances for security.

Schwab also offers a range of investment and banking products, business management, technology, and service support to Gordian. We implement top level security and implement a dual check process that requires you approval to Schwab and Gordian to withdraw funds or move money.

Why invest with Gordian?

Every investor has their own style and risk appetite but we'd like to meet you to see if there's a fit. We are a multi-family office that prides itself on personalized service and has access to "institutional-like" products to offer our families.

We are a true business owner that is focused on our clients. We needed to be independent to gain autonomy away from the big banks and their self-serving proprietary products to better decide which strategies and investments best fit our clients' needs.

How is Gordian paid?

We are paid on a strict percentage of your invested assets. We do not get paid on trading stocks or generating volume transactions. In addition, we invest heavily in our firm's platform and incur all the expenses to offer top-tiered technology and tools for our clients.

What's Gordian's investment strategy?

At Gordian, our client received unfiltered advice. We have no obligation to sell proprietary products. We are not driven by commission, and only choose the solutions we think are best for our clients.

At Gordian, we take a long-term, global perspective on investing. We spend a great deal of time researching and evaluating investments, interviewing investment managers, and monitoring macroeconomic trends. We typically like to invest in secular winners and avoid troubled segments in the market. We manage complex portfolios and address the unique of those who need a highly customized level of investment management strategy and consultation.

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